“I’ve been singing since I was small enough to fit in a car seat."

-Jennifer Simone

Jennifer Simone still has vivid memories of singing along to every song on the radio as a child, even if it was a rap. Pretending she was the Lion from the Wizard of Oz and singing, “If I were the king of the FOREST”, at the top of her lungs was J. Simone’s favorite thing to do and still is to this day.


Once Jennifer Simone was old enough to realize she could sing, she joined the youth choir at church where her voice really took off. Her love for gospel music led to an exploration into multiple other genres such as opera, jazz, R&B, and soul.

While Attending The Baltimore School for the Arts, Jennifer Simone got her first taste of classical training and began singing in foreign languages such as Italian, French, and German. Though she has won many awards and scholarships in that particular genre, it was R&B, gospel, and soul that were able to keep her interest, even through college.


Music is and has been Jennifer Simone’s escape from the trials and tribulations of life as well as the source of her happiness.  It is Jennifer Simone’s hope that by sharing her voice, whether on stage performing or teaching in a vocal coaching that music would be the light that shines through her.